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2023 holiday buying guide update evil duck

Hi everyone! I wanted to post a quick update for those that are looking to buy gifts for the holidays. For those that don't know, we are a little mom and pop shop and between my wife and I, we make everything by hand and to order. So we don't have items pre-made. We are not Walmart or Amazon, which we are ok with :)

Be sure to make your purchase before December 1st! With hunting season and the holidays we get slammed during this time of the year. If you make your purchase after December 1st we can't guarantee your order will ship out in time for Christmas.

What happens when you place a order with us? Why does it take so long? When a order is placed with us and payment has went through, this is our process:

1 - order place in build que to be made

2 - when we get through the que and to the order, we send out a email to let you know we're starting on your order.

*eBay and Amazon buyers do not currently get a notification when we start on a item

3 - then we cut out the leather, bevel and burnish the edges, sew everything together, seal the leather, and finally do the final cleanup and finishing touches.

4 - Once everything is dry and ready to ship we send out a email with your tracking number.

* This is the order in which we do things, whether you place your order at our official store or at one of our shops on Amazon, eBay or Etsy.*

This is why all of our listings/items have the processing and shipping times stated. We don't want there to be any confusion as to when buyers will receive their items. In general everything is stated to take 15 business days (2 weeks) to make a order. Typically we are able to get things out in half the time.

We typically have 7 to 12 orders in our que. During the holidays it jumps up to 20+... During the holidays we are able to recruit 1 or 2 of the kids to help out with prepping orders. Which supports us tremendously!!! 95% of the time it is myself and Amber working on orders.

So again, if you're wanting to make sure your order gets to you in time for Christmas, we recommend placing your order before December 1st!

Happy holidays and thank you for your patience and understanding! We take pride in the fact that our customer find our leather products worth the wait! Handmade in the USA in our little US Army Veteran owned and operated leather shop!!!

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