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Had to remove UPS as a shipping option

I noticed some bugs with the UPS shipping option and it not calculating correctly. So I've removed them as a shipping option. Hopefully it is temporary until the auto calculator is fixed. Talking to another shop on the same platform and he's actually the one that brought it to my attention. It is a pretty significant difference, by $20+ in some instances.

With our items USPS is typically faster and more cost effective but I understand people have carriers they prefer over others. UPS and FedEx seem to be more cost effective with heavier items. We have only had 2 packages lost by USPS in over 12 years through our different online stores (eBay, Etsy, Amazon and our .com). I think adding insurance for everything we ship goes a long way for that.

We have received several pictures from customers showing off our leather work and can't wait to share them when I can get away from my work bench :)


Dale Gibson

Date 5/23/2024

Joshua Best

Date 5/23/2024

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