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January Update, Thank you for hanging in there!

Thank you so much to our outstanding customers for hanging in there with us. Quick update here for you all. We are just now getting to our January orders. It has been very busy here at Evil Duck Studios. The 2 1/4 of us here (our daughter being the 1/4) are shocked and blessed that during these difficult times our little mom and pop shop is getting orders.

We are also selling on Public Square now and are possibly looking at putting more items on Amazon. But due to their selling fees and having to wait so long to get paid that's still up in the air. We are working to get the majority of our sales through our own store vs the 3rd party platforms. It's nice to be on Public Square, Amazon, eBay and Etsy but dealing with all the different platforms is a job upon itself. But we're getting there!

Again, thank you to all of our outstanding customers. We think you will find it worth the wait. Custom hand crafted items take time. Until next time, have a fantastic day!!!

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