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running slightly behind Jan 2023

running slightly behind Jan 2023

Hello to all our Evil Duck Studios customers and fans out there! Quick note for those waiting on their orders on Etsy... We are still running a little behind for those that placed orders in early January. Currently you're looking at 2 more weeks (or less ) added on to your shipping cut off date... So if your ship by date was say, January 15th... add the 2 weeks onto there. At the rate we (Amber and myself) are working we should be caught up by the end of the month... early February at the latest... We're working around the clock to get caught up and doing our best to not have our customers waiting. For those that don't know we got sick in December and it set us back a lot! Thank you to all of those that have stuck it out with us. We love seeing your reviews and are very happy that you are happy :)   Until next time!!!

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