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I had a customer ask about how to size their ammo loops and I figured this would be a good place to post the instructions and the care/fitting instruction print out in the event it doesn't make it into your packaging. 

So the easiest way to get the desired fit for your cartridge loops is as follows:

1. get the ammo loops wet. Filtered tap water is generally fine. We use distilled water due to hard water.

2. let the water soak into the leather for a few minutes until they are softened, NOT squishy. We seal the leather really well so you may have to get the ammo loops wet a couple times before they actually start to absorb the water. - insert the cartridges, if it's a tight fit spinning the cartridge as it's inserted helps.

3. leave the cartridges in until the leather is fully dry. Usually overnight works best.

We pre-fit/stretch all ammo loops when we make the cartridge holders but the leather can shrink a tad over the time it takes for shipping and especially in the warmer times of the year. So it's not unusual to do a final fit for the bullets once it's received.

Cartridge Holder Ammo Loops Care Instructions

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